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The products have advantages of Lord non-pollution environment produce certification only by persimmon made.

  • Matured and fermented for three years, Saemgoul Persimmon Vinegar is an acetic acid fermented food that has a good taste and a sweet smell
  • Saemgoul Persimmon Vinegar is rich in various organic acids(e.g. acetic acid, citric acid and malic acid), tannin ingredients and vitamin C, as well as various nutrients, including alkaline mineral.
  • Efficacy - Cure of Fatness, Elimination of Body Fat, Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation, Relief of Blood Pressure Relevant Diseases & Diabetes and Sterilization
  • Product Units -375ml(glass bottle), 500ml, 900ml, 500ml x 3, 1800ml ,

Set (Schizandra Fruit & Persimmon Vinegar of 500ml, Pine Leaf & Persimmon Vinegar of 500ml, Persimmon Vinegar of 500ml)